Monday, May 31, 2010

Introducing: Barlean's

This is by far my most favorite nutritional product: Barlean's Greens.  As often as possible, I get supplements from food or food based products and I have tried many green drinks over the years.  I have tasted some that were beyond gross and could make me gag just smelling them.  However, this product ranks number one because of its flavor, consistency, and ingredients.  Over the next few days I will cover what the ingredients accomplish nutritionally. 

Since replacing my double tall soy vanilla latte with Barlean's Green drink, my pH levels are alkaline and I am vibrant & finally running on all cylinders.  If the thought of  a green drink is intimidating, try the capsules (link is below).

Barlean's is manufactured in Ferndale, WA. The majority of the ingredients are organic. It is a winner of the Vity Awards.

I can't say it better than the manufacturer, so here you go:

"Barleans' Greens - Nature's Perfect Superfood.  Purify - Alkalinize - Cleanse.  Green superfoods are revered for supporting the purification and cleansing of vital organs, body tissues, and blood supply.  Barlean's is nutrient dense with a deep, emerald green color.  Barlean's has a sweet taste and scent of natural green leaves and cereal grasses.  It is the absolute best tasting green superfood

Masterfully formulated with nature's most vitalizing plant-based ingredients -- providing broad spectrum, nutritional support for your vibrant health and energy."

Cheers.  This stuff rocks and it has for ten years.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Be. Do. Have.

I took a class over ten years ago where they talked about the Be Do Have principle.  If we "be" the thing called centered (or calm, healthy, focused, or whatever) then we start "doing" things from this place of beingness -- soon, what you are doing brings you what you have always wanted to "have." 

It makes intuitive sense, right?  Be. Do. Have.

It is easy to fall into the Do Have Be camp.  If we do these certain things we will have these certain things and then we will be this certain way.  Sound familiar to anyone?  If I go to the gym five days a week I will have a tight body and then I will be healthy or happy.  If I work overtime I will have more money and then I will be happy. 

What about Have Do Be examples?  If I have this fancy car I will drive it all the time and I will be happy. 

Don't get me wrong there is not a good, bad, right, or wrong way to operate.  There is a time and a place for everything.  I know perfectly successful people who operate in one or many ways of being and can shift between them when necessary.  It's a beautiful thing.

Since this blog is really about a road to health, I wanted to lay a strong foundation.  For instance, if someone began to manage food rigidly but lost the pleasure of eating in the process, they don't achieve full wellness.  If someone adheres so closely to a fitness regimen that they lose the joy of movement, that would not be healthy either. 

People may make many changes to their eating or exercise habits.  The changes should be something that are enjoyable and aligned with the ultimate goal of wellness.

Click here for this shirt:

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Alkaline foods

Is it just me or does it take effort to eat vegetables?  Until recently, it would take a month for me to meet the daily recommended number of servings. 

Vegetables had this stigma with me for years -- salads meant high fat dressing; store bought veggies meant good intentions thrown out (rotten) a week later; and peeling, chopping, and dicing meant precious time.

I convinced myself for two weeks that my pH strips were broken when they came back glowing, radioactive yellow (acidic).  pH strips broken, ha. 

I decided one day to eat a ton of vegetables to prove my theory of busted pH strips.  Guess what happened.  Yes, my pH strip came back green (alkaline).  I was overjoyed at the results, shocked, and hooked on this new veggie pHenomenon. 

Alkaline foods
Green Beans
Cayenne Pepper
Sprouted radish or chia seeds
Wheat grass
Zucchini...and many more!

There are so many fun ways to prepare them and I look forward to exchanging new, fresh ideas.  Veggie sandwiches, veggie omelet, sauteed veggies...this is making me hungry for a midnight snack.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to check your pH

The greatest thing is that each of us has the power to measure and improve our pH.

How do I measure my pH?
You can purchase pH test strips online and they will be shipped straight to your home. The package is small enough to fit in your vitamin or medicine cabinet, on top of your toilet, next to your toothbrush, in your purse...wherever you can easily grab them.

The package has easy to follow directions, but here is a synopsis: swab it on your tongue or pee on it (hopefully not both...especially not in the reverse order). Testing your pH is so rewarding because the little tiny test strip will immediately change colors.

The best news is that pH strips are inexpensive and you get 90 in a jar!  Do yourself a favor, make an investment in yourself and buy them now.

This picture shows example results:
Green = Alkaline (celebrate, do a little dance)
Yellow = Acid (get to work)

Here is the healthy thought, "Thank goodness that we got the news today, or tomorrow, or whenever Amazon drops off your pH test strips. Thank goodness we can start improving your pH now. We are empowered to make small changes which will make a big difference in our lives."

Check back tomorrow for alkaline ideas, inspiration, and support.

Monday, May 24, 2010

pH is about pHeeling better

Health information is out there but we must crave it.

Anyone can Google "major league baseball" or "american idol" or "senate passes wall street reform." I realize that "alkaline food" is likely not the hottest topic on Twitter. But, I would argue, that it should be. Can we make a pH food revolution?

It is so easy to eat acidic: cheese, beans, meat, coffee, soda, beer, fried food, and most juices.

It is not as easy to eat alkaline: raisins, mixed greens, veggies, pineapple, nuts.

Why should we care about our pH? Too much acid can cause: constant fatigue, lower body temperature, tendency to get infections, loss of enthusiasm, depression, nervousness, pale face, headaches, teary eyes, sensitive gums, leg cramps, dry skin, burning scalp, and hair loss.

Moreover, there are many people who believe that acidic environments permit cancer to grow.

You can check your pH through saliva or urine. Or both. As many times as you want. Invite your friends over and have a pH party. Toast yourself with some black cherry juice, alfalfa green drinks, and raisins. Yum!

Welcome to Healthy Vibe!

My sister Lisa inspired me to start this blog. How could my healthy, vibrant, beautiful, and creative 36 year old sister be diagnosed with breast cancer?

She never smokes, does drugs, nor drinks excessively. Lisa exercises and takes great care of herself. The cancer calculation was not adding up in my analytical mind.

I didn't know what to do when Lisa called me and told me her diagnosis, but I knew that I needed to get out of my office for the afternoon.

Over the next few days I discovered several things. First, I don't see my sister enough. Second, I needed to become an expert on stage II infiltrating ductal carcinoma. Third, it was time for me to bring my healthy vibe to life somehow. So, here I am.

Lisa -- my awesome sister -- has her own blog and it is filled with creativity and first hand experience that all of us will benefit from.

Please visit it here:
Send healthy, healing thoughts to Lisa!

The purpose of Healthy Vibe is to discover -- learn -- educate -- inspire -- support -- create -- do anything I can in connection with health.