Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to check your pH

The greatest thing is that each of us has the power to measure and improve our pH.

How do I measure my pH?
You can purchase pH test strips online and they will be shipped straight to your home. The package is small enough to fit in your vitamin or medicine cabinet, on top of your toilet, next to your toothbrush, in your purse...wherever you can easily grab them.

The package has easy to follow directions, but here is a synopsis: swab it on your tongue or pee on it (hopefully not both...especially not in the reverse order). Testing your pH is so rewarding because the little tiny test strip will immediately change colors.

The best news is that pH strips are inexpensive and you get 90 in a jar!  Do yourself a favor, make an investment in yourself and buy them now.

This picture shows example results:
Green = Alkaline (celebrate, do a little dance)
Yellow = Acid (get to work)

Here is the healthy thought, "Thank goodness that we got the news today, or tomorrow, or whenever Amazon drops off your pH test strips. Thank goodness we can start improving your pH now. We are empowered to make small changes which will make a big difference in our lives."

Check back tomorrow for alkaline ideas, inspiration, and support.

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