Monday, May 31, 2010

Introducing: Barlean's

This is by far my most favorite nutritional product: Barlean's Greens.  As often as possible, I get supplements from food or food based products and I have tried many green drinks over the years.  I have tasted some that were beyond gross and could make me gag just smelling them.  However, this product ranks number one because of its flavor, consistency, and ingredients.  Over the next few days I will cover what the ingredients accomplish nutritionally. 

Since replacing my double tall soy vanilla latte with Barlean's Green drink, my pH levels are alkaline and I am vibrant & finally running on all cylinders.  If the thought of  a green drink is intimidating, try the capsules (link is below).

Barlean's is manufactured in Ferndale, WA. The majority of the ingredients are organic. It is a winner of the Vity Awards.

I can't say it better than the manufacturer, so here you go:

"Barleans' Greens - Nature's Perfect Superfood.  Purify - Alkalinize - Cleanse.  Green superfoods are revered for supporting the purification and cleansing of vital organs, body tissues, and blood supply.  Barlean's is nutrient dense with a deep, emerald green color.  Barlean's has a sweet taste and scent of natural green leaves and cereal grasses.  It is the absolute best tasting green superfood

Masterfully formulated with nature's most vitalizing plant-based ingredients -- providing broad spectrum, nutritional support for your vibrant health and energy."

Cheers.  This stuff rocks and it has for ten years.

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