Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blood type and food

I had chronic ear infections until I was 21.  Sometime in the middle of my 21st year my Mom introduced me to the blood type diet (Eat Right 4 Your Type by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo) and I was a little skeptical about the connection between blood type and diet. 

The basic structure of the book is that it breaks down each blood type by food groups (e.g., breads, meats, spices) and places each food (e.g., Ezekial bread, beef, black pepper) into a category:
     1. Highly beneficial (like medicine to our body)
     2. Neutral (like food to our body)
     3. Avoid (like poison to our body)

What initially intrigued me about the blood type diet is that most of the foods I don't like were on my avoid list.  For example, I love all meat (and O's thrive on meat) but I have never liked pork (the only meat that O's are supposed to avoid).  There are more examples, but you get the point.

I decided to only eat foods in the "highly beneficial" category for three weeks.  I didn't notice anything spectacular during my trial run; however, when I reintroduced certain foods by body went on strike.  I ate graham crackers (wheat) and broke out in a rash around my mouth -- it was very cute.  I had milk and it took me three days to recover. 

The coolest and most unexpected results were noticed over the longer-term:
1. I did not feel sluggish anymore after I ate (the post-lunch sleepy coma or the post-Sunday-breakfast-must-take-nap-now-feeling)
2. My ear infections disappeared
3. I lost my last five pounds of chubbiness that I could never get rid of.  It literally felt like it melted away.

The book does a great job explaining the science behind blood type and diet.  I have been following the diet for 12 years and it works for me. 

It is one idea to explore if you are looking for more connections between nutrition and healing.

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