Monday, June 14, 2010

Blood type game

The post from yesterday introduced the blood type diet and Eat Right 4 Your Type.  For those of you not familiar with the blood type diet, I thought I would try to guess some foods that might not make you feel 100%. 

Oh yeah, if you do not know your blood type you can order an at home test strip.  If you are not brave enough to prick your skin (it is harder than I imagined), ask your doctor to do it next time you are in.
Eat Right 4 Your Type Home Blood Typing Kit with Eldoncard.

If your blood type is A:
A rich, creamy tomato based lasagna with ground beef and a glass of red wine may make you feel less than 100% -- more like 25%. Oh yeah, milk might make you phlegmy.  Phlegm is not an easy word to spell :)

If your blood type is O:
A bowl of raisin bran with cow milk or a side of eggs with OJ and milk might make you want to climb back in bed for a nap.  You may feel just fine after steak (or that lasagna) for lunch.

If your blood type is B:
You may be able to handle all dairy products except ice cream which might make you feel sleepy or awful.  A plate of chicken parmesan (chicken and tomato sauce) could make you feel sluggish or you may have trouble digesting it.

If your blood type is AB:
I have actually only talked to one AB person about the blood type diet and she could not believe how the blood type "fit" her eating quirks.  She loved lemon water, hated ketchup, disliked corn, gained weight if she ate meat, and could not drink milk.  This blood type is called the enigma and it is the rarest and youngest blood type (only 2-5% of the population).

Check back tomorrow.  I will walk through the blood types again listing "highly beneficial" examples.

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